• Facility Master Plan

    In 2019, Detroit Public Schools Community District Engaged in Meaningful Conversations with Our Community Regarding the State of Our School Facilities Based on Score from a Comprehensive Facility Condition Assessment. Through These Valuable Discussions, We Gained Insights into the Community's Priorities for Our Schools. Today, We Are Proud to Continue This Collaborative Effort by Sharing Our 20-Year Vision for the District's Facilities, Along with a Range of Investments Aimed at Realizing This Vision. We Warmly Invite You to Explore Further, Actively Participate, and Join Us in the Upcoming Design Engagement Meetings Scheduled for Fall 2023. 


  • Provide a 20-year facilities vision and plan within the constraints of funding We have a ~$2.1 billion need with ~$700 million of one-time funding. This Plan identifies recommendations for full ~$2.1 billion in long-term investments and immediate work for ~$700 million. 
  • Protect neighborhood schools and feeder patterns Placing students in the best school building as possible with the review of the Facility Condition Index, enrollment, local demographic studies, and school building utilization.
  • Continue to maximize use of our school buildings  Improve overall condition of schools through some new school buildings and renovations focused on HVAC, roofs, and masonry. 
  • Invest in early education. Provide feeder patterns into K-12 schools
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