COVID-19 Testing

  • The District provides weekly saliva COVID-19 testing with LynxDx. Weekly testing is required for employees, contractors, and regular volunteers. With parental consent, students will also be tested weekly at their school location.  Each DPSCD school and central office location has an identified day of the week when students and staff can participate in on site testing.  The drive through location is available at the Renaissance High School parking lot from 8am-6pm Monday-Friday for District staff, students, contractors and volunteers.  Administrators now also have access to a newly developed dashboard to quickly view whether required testing has been completed each week.

    DPSCD students, employees, contractors and volunteers can register for testing at Registration is only required one time.  Please make sure to provide a cell phone and email address that are regularly available, as the results will be sent to the phone number and email address provided during registration.

    If testing is not available at a work site due to a holiday, power outage or other building issue, staff is not required to participate in testing through LynxDx but should plan on resuming testing the following week at the work site.  The payroll approver for the site would be aware that testing was not offered at the site, therefore, disciplinary action should not be pursued.  If staff chooses to test on a week where testing is not offered at their work location, they can make an appointment for the drive through location by visiting
    If an employee misses the testing day/time offered at their work location, it is the employee's responsibility to complete make up testing at the drive through location by making an appointment via  Any employee who does not complete their weekly testing when testing was offered at their work site should be documented as non-compliant and the manager will begin the progressive discipline process.

    Weekly testing at the school/work location and the Renaissance High School drive through locations are not open to the general public, however, we continue to partner with Wayne Health Mobile Unit for general public testing.  Click here to view their calendar of event locations.


COVID-19 Testing FAQs

  • How do I register my student for weekly testing?

  • How will testing work for center-based students?

  • How do you prepare for the test?