•  The Detroit Public Schools Community District - Adult Education Dress Code was adopted to provide students with an educational environment that is conducive to the learning process.  The policy was created to prevent distractions and health or safety hazards that disrupt classroom settings.  

    DPSCD - Adult Education retains the right to monitor student attire and take corrective action when such distractions, in the sole judgment of DPSCD - Adult Education, present a health or safety hazard, or disrupt the classroom settings.  All students, including students exempt from the student dress code, are expected to exemplify proper grooming standards in a manner that projects an appropriate image for the student, school, and DPSCD - Adult Education.  

    A student may request to be exempted from the mandatory dress code requirement on the basis of a religious objection.  Refer to the DPSCD Adult Education dress code policy handout for additional information. Refer to "Rules & Procedures" guidelines for additional information.

    • Students MUST wear appropriate attire at all times. Under garments, pajamas, house shoe, etc. may not be worn as (outer wear).
    • Students are not to wear any clothing that may be considered excessively tight, low cut, short or revealing.
    • Hats, hoodies and/or skull caps are not to be worn while inside the building.

    If you are out of dress code, you will be asked to change or be sent home. If you are having trouble finding suitable clothing, we have a Clothes Closet at the school that has items that you can change into.