• MLA offers a variety of learning styles to fit your scholar's needs. Due to COVID-19 safety restrictions, we are limited to the number of students we may have for both face to face classes as well as the learning centers.


    Face to Face Classes Offered:

    Kindergarten (maximum 12)- currently full

    2nd Grade (maximum 12)- currently full

    2nd Grade Hybrid (Mrs. Tabor's homeroom)- contact Mrs. Tabor for more information

    3rd Grade (maximum 12)- currently full

    6th Grade (maximum 12)- currently full


    Virtual Classes Offered:

    Kindergarten (1 section)

    1st Grade (2 sections)

    3rd Grade (1 section)

    4th Grade (2 sections)

    5th Grade (2 sections)

    6th Grade (1 section)

    7th Grade (1 section)

    8th Grade (1 section)


    Small Group Instruction (SGI)

    Students receive additional assistance through Small Group Instruction (SGI). Check your scholar's schedule for SGI times.



    Students utilize I-Ready to enhance and grow their skills from their current academic level compared to their actual grade level. Whether a student is excelling beyond their grade level or struggling to master skills from previous grades, I-Ready is an app in clever that will assist your scholar in meeting and exceeding educational goals! Ensure your scholar is meeting their weekly I-Ready engagement goal of 45 minutes of Reading and 45 minutes of Math.


    Tutoring Opportunities