Academic Offerings


    Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) - Adult Education offers various programs for adult students.  During the enrollment process, each student is required to fill out an Adult Learning Plan (ALP) form indicating future aspirations. The form information is reviewed by the counselor, teachers and the student throughout the program timeline. In an effort to determine academic placement and to monitor academic growth, students are also required to take state-approved pre/post and progress tests throughout their participation in the program. 

    Students are expected to participate in academic instruction activities, workforce preparation, and career pathways activities. The overall goal of each Adult Education program is to assist students in building both academic and employability skills. Our mission is to successfully transition students into adults who are Career and College Ready which will provide access to employment and/or a successful transition into postsecondary education or training. 

    Adult Basic Education (ABE)

    The ABE program provides instruction in language arts and/or mathematics to adults who pre-test at an Educational Functioning Level (EFL) of 0-8.9 in reading and/or mathematics. Students receive instruction to increase their basic reading, writing, speaking, and math skills.  When students have progressed to an EFL of 9.0 they can begin GED program studies.

    General Education Development (GED)

    The GED program provides instruction in preparation for students to pass the GED Tests. This program is for students who have an EFL of 9.0 or above

    The four content areas of GED Testing are:

    • Reasoning Through Language Arts (English)
    • Mathematical Reasoning
    • Science
    • Social Studies

    High School Completion (HSC)

    The HSC program provides course instruction for students to obtain a High School Diploma. Students must fulfill all State of Michigan requirements for receiving a high school diploma. The classes are completed on-line and a teacher provides instruction. Students must submit a high school transcript for counselor review and approval prior to acceptance into this program.

    English as a Second Language (ESL) / English Literacy (EL) Civics

    The ESL program provides instruction in English language communication skills to students whose native language is not English. Students participate in studies for understanding, speaking, reading and writing English. 

    EL Civics program assists students in acquiring the knowledge needed to prepare for the naturalization testing. There is an emphasis on contextualized instruction on the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, naturalization procedures, civic participation, and U.S. history and government. 

    Learning Labs

    The Learning Labs provide computers for ABE and GED individualized instruction. Students use a variety of online learning tools, which are facilitated and monitored by an instructor, to increase student EFL levels and to prepare them to pass the GED Tests.

    Workplace Literacy

    This program provides opportunities for students to improve literacy and employability skills to increase their productivity and gain employment in the workforce. Instruction provides enrichment, remediation and GED preparation classes to Michigan Works One-Stop Center clients and other employment development program participants. Students who currently have a high school diploma or GED certificate may enroll in these classes. Enrollment requires a referral from Michigan Works or another employment program.

    GED Preparation and High School Completion 

    NEW! GED Testing Center--Take your GED Test on site--Free with voucher

    Testing for Ability Levels and Classes Suited to Learning Level (High School Completion, Adult Basic Education and GED Preparation)