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Little girl in a light blue polo shirt


Appropriate Student Dress in Grades K-12

All students, including students exempt from the student dress code, are expected to exemplify proper grooming standards in a manner that projects an appropriate image for the student, school, and district.

At the school’s discretions, shirts shall be worn inside slacks with belts—at all times and by all students—unless the shirt is designed to be worn outside of the slacks or the pants are designed to be worn without a belt.

The District shall not require specific brands of clothing. All clothing items must be of an approved color from the common color selections presented in this dress code policy.


Slacks and Pants

* Color: All slacks and pants must be a solid color: Khaki, navy blue, or black. (Leggings and tights are not allowed.)

* Style: Slacks and pants can be pleated or flat front, full length and appropriately fastened at the waist.

* Material: Cotton, canvas, corduroy, linen, polyester, wool or fabric blends.

* Belts:  If the garment has belt loops a belt should be worn at all times



* Shirts and blouses must have buttoned down or straight collars. Turtlenecks and polo styles are permitted. At the school’s discretion tops must be worn tucked inside pants, slacks, or skirts.

* Color: All students shall wear approved colors required by the school

* Style: Long and short sleeves with a collar required. Turtlenecks and polo styles permitted.

* Logos: Manufacturer trademarks, if any, must be one inch or less. DPSCD school logos are permitted and are not limited in size.


Skirts and Jumpers/Skorts

* Color: Khaki, navy blue and black, in a solid, single color.

* Style: Skirts must be at least knee length.


Jackets, Cardigans, and Sweaters

* Color: Should match an accepted uniform color.

* Style: All must be worn over a collared shirt, turtleneck or polo style top.

* Jackets for middle school and high school students cannot have hoods.



* Style: Athletic shoes, laced shoes and/or other shoe boots, loafers, dress shoes, or other closed toed/closed heel shoes.

* Students are prohibited from wearing -toed boots or shoes to school.

* Mules are inappropriate.