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John R. King M-STEP Opt-In Registration Form

Dear Parent,

Beginning April 12th, John R. King students will take our annual state assessment, the Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress (M-STEP). State standardized assessments are normally required under both state and federal law, to ensure all children are learning and receiving a high-quality education.

State assessments are “summative,” meaning they measure what students are expected to know and be able to do at specific grade levels and in specific content areas.

All students take a high-quality state assessments listed below:

  • M-STEP is given each spring to students in grades 3-8.
  • PSAT™(PreSAT) is given each spring to students in grades 8, 9 (PSAT 8/9) and 10 (PSAT 10).
  • MI-ACCESS is given each spring to ESE students based on their IEP

At-home testing is not an option for state assessments, therefore if you would like for your child to participate in the state assessment, we are asking that you complete this survey no later than April 4th.

All students will NOT assess on the same day. All participants will receive a scheduled time and date when they are to come to school to test.

The assessment window to complete the test for each student will be 1 week long so be prepared to bring your student to John R. King for the entire week or until they complete the entire assessment, whichever comes first.

Please complete the survey below to let us know if your will Opt-In or Opt-Out for your child to take the assessment.

Link to Opt-In Form:  John R. King Opt-In Notice for M-STEP State Assessment