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School Pause Update - 4/18

DPSCD Students and Families,

Please be advised that Learning Centers will reopen at all district schools Monday, April 26th. This is an opportunity to learn online through your teachers but at schools so you can receive additional learning support from school personnel and eat breakfast and lunch at your school. Please also know that some of your teachers may decide, if they feel comfortable, to teach their class in their classroom starting April 26th as well. They will let you know if they plan to do this next week during your online classes.

You are not required to attend the Learning Center or class at the school if your teacher returns. You will be able to learn from home and online until the end of the school year.

Please look at previous email communication about the opportunity to take your state assessment (M-STEP, PSAT, or SAT) at your school starting the week of April 26th. You are not required to take your state test but can if you choose to take it.  

Lastly, COVID saliva test will start at all schools for employees and students on April 26th. The consent form information will be sent this week.

Email was sent with the above information on 4/18.