Our History


    Balch History


    Built in 1910 George W. Balch School, was the first city elementary school built to use the platoon teaching system and attracted people from around the world to observe the model. Balch School was renamed Golightly Education Center in 1984. The Annex Wing was added in 2002.


    GEC Annex Wing

About Dr. Cornelius Golightly

  • Dr. Cornelius Golightly

    In 1969, he became the first Black philosophy professor at Wayne State University and in 1973, Golighty became the first Black president of the Detroit Board of Education.

About Us

  • Golightly Education Center, a PK - 8 school is nestled in the heart of the Midtown cultural district.  We are serious about providing each child with a rigorous college-preparatory education.  We are a dedicated and committed staff, providing quality education in a setting that has a private school presence.  Golightly, which requires an application for entry and a grade point average minimum, has a reputation for offering quality education for more than 60 years. 

We are the Gators!
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