Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

  • Students may arrive as early as 7:30 am. Breakfast is served in the cafeteria until 7:55am. Class begins at 8am.

    School ends at 3:20pm.                     After-School ends at 5:20pm

    • When picking up students before the end of the school day, we encourage you to call ahead. Students are in class learning at this time. We therefore will not use the PA system, therefore, it may take longer to get your son to the office. 
    • Students are dismissed to go home at 3:20pm unless they participate in an After-School program. All After-School students must report to the Cafeteria and be picked up by their sponsor. Roaming around the school during this time is prohibited. After-School programs are dismissed at 4:20 pm unless otherwise notified by the instructor. Parents please note that we do not have a latchkey on site. All staff and students will leave on-time at the end of the work/school day.
    • Communicate with staff in case of an emergency