Programs & Activities


    Construction Skilled Trades Explorer Program
    The Construction Skilled Trades Explorer Program focus is to provide students with opportunities to learn about the Construction Trades training availiable upon graduation. Monthly field trips to various construction trades apprenticeship programs will provide students with an overview and hands-on experience to what they will be learning once they are accepted to the apprenticeship program. All trips to the construction trades apprenticeship sites are after school.

    Ladies In Hard Hats
    The Purpose of the organization is to increase nontraditional participation and provide support for ladies enrolled at Randolph Career and Technical Center. 

    The Vision of the organization is to increase the number of Randolph nontraditional students enrolling in apprenticeship programs, training programs, and technical schools after graduation.

    The Mission is to recruit more nontraditional students and connect them to industry partners for exploration, mentoring and opportunities.