Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Suzanne McClellan

Hi All – My name is Ms McClellan. I am Marion Law Academy’s speech-language pathologist. I work with students from grades k-8 at the school. And love what I do!

When I’m not working, I’m loving on my family and friends or cooking and baking.

A speech pathologist works with students in schools to improve and assist to achieve successful communication in academics – the students communication in the classroom. Communication in the classroom includes interacting with peers and teachers. A speech pathologist works with students with articulation delays and disorders and students with expressive and receptive language disorders and delays. Sometimes a speech pathologist can even work with a student who stutters. Some students on a speech pathologists caseload has Autism. This may impact the students ability to communicate.

We use language to describe, read, and make our conversations appropriate and fancy! If a student is struggling to expand their language or be understood, a speech pathologist can help with that. There are many different reasons for a child to have difficulty communicating. It isn’t always a huge issue, sometimes you just need a few tips from a speech pathologist to improve! 😊