About Us

  • Marion Law Academy

    Marion Law Academy is a K-8th Grade School located on the Eastside of Detroit. Our core values are Respect, Oneness, Achievement & Responsibility (ROAR). We pride ourselves on taking initiatives and making strides in our local neighborhood. We look forward to working with students of all ages, races, nationalities and beliefs! We not only work for our students but also for our parents. Take some time to visit Marion Law Academy and see what we can offer your scholar!


    We offer a number of academic, social and extracurricular activities including:

    • Breakfast Program
    • After-School Tutoring 
    • Basketball
    • Cheerleading
    • Boys Scouts
    • Dances
    • Small Group Instruction
    • Multimedia Center & Computer Lab
    • Band/Music Classes
    • Physical Education
    • Art Program
    • Counselor & Social Worker Available
    • Parent Connection & Parent Academy


    We are the Law Lions and we ROAR