• Pre-K Arrival Process

    Pre-K scholars arriving on campus between 7:30a-8:10a, will be escorted and signed into their Pre-K classroom for breakfast and class.

    Pre-K scholars arriving after 8:10a must be escorted and signed into their PK classroom by an adult.

    Pre-K Dismissal Process

    Pre-K Pick-Up Passes must be received and shown to the Pre-K Teacher before a Pre-K student is dismissed for the day.

    Pre-K scholars are dismissed at 2:25p and must be signed out prior to being dismissed from the classroom.

    Parents/authorized adults are not allowed to use the Pre-K Pick Up Pass to get scholars from other grade levels.

    Pre-K scholars who ride the school bus must be signed out by a sibling at 2:35pm for dismissal and to load the school bus in a timely manner.

    Pre-K scholars who walk or ride home with a sibling must be signed out by a sibling or adult at 2:40p.

    Pre-K Early Release (Prior to the 2:25pm dismissal time)

    Parents/authorized adults must stop at the security desk, sign in then report to the main office to report their business.

    Office Staff will give the parent/authorized adult a Visitor's Pass/PK Pick-Up Pass to go to the Pre-K classroom to obtain the scholar.

    The Pre-K teacher will release the scholar to the parent/authorized adult.

    The parent/authorized adult will turn the Visitor's Pass back into the Main Office.

    Only authorized adults/siblings will be permitted to get a Pre-K scholar.

    Grades K-8 Arrival Process

    Scholars, in Grades K-5, arriving to campus between 7:30am-7:50a, will report directly to the cafeteria for breakfast.

    Scholars, in Grades 6-8, arriving to campus between 7:30am-8:10a, will report directly to their homeroom for breakfast.

    Scholars arriving after 8:10a must report to the main office for a tardy pass before reporting directly to class.

    Scholars arriving to school after 8:45am must be escorted into the main office by an adult.

    Breakfast ends promptly at 8:00am

    Grades K-8 Dismissal Process

    School is not dismissed until 2:40pm unless the scholar is a Transportation Student

    Transportation Students

    An assigned adult picks up all transportation students, from their classrooms, between 2:30-2:35pm.

    Transportation students are escorted to the bus area and put on their designated bus by their assigned adult.

    Transportation students are mandated to ride the bus daily unless the Parent/Guardian has contacted the school, in advance (no later than 2:00pm), notifying us of a transportation change.

    Non-Transportation Students

    Scholars who do not ride District Transportation will be dismissed from their homerooms at 2:40pm by the Homeroom Teachers. Teachers escort their classes outside the building. Scholars may be picked up outside at the following doors:

    Kindergarten & 1st Grade: Door #4 (West Entrance)

    2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade & 5th Grade: Door #12 (North Entrance)

    Middle School: Door #1 (Main Entrance)

    Grades K-8 Early Release

    Parents/authorized adults will stop at the security desk to sign in then report to the main office to report thier business.

    Parent/authorized adult MUST have a photo ID to have a scholar dismissed prior to 2:40pm.

    Only authorized adults will be permitted to get a scholar prior to the 2:40pm dismissal time.