School Overview

  • Nolan Elementary Middle School aims to create a caring, harmonious and student-centered learning community. Nolan is committed to providing, opportunities for all students to achieve their personal best academically and socially. Nolan Elementary Middle School actively supports students to become confident, resourceful and responsible citizens. We are committed to continuous improvement in teaching and learning. Our team of teachers strive to plan and work together to deliver programs that cater for all students. Nolan has high expectations that the whole school community will work together to promote a safe learning environment while creating a friendly school climate of inclusion and acceptance.


    NolanNolan Elementary & Middle School  

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    • Career Exploration
    • Music Classes
    • One-to-One Program (computer for every student)
    • After-School Enrichment Program
    • Physical Education
    • Cheer


Quick Facts

  • K-8th Grades Served
  • No Application Required
  • 8:30 am - 3:40 pm Bell School
  • Yes Uniforms
  • 30:1 Student/Teacher Ratio
  • Yes Transportation
  • 457 Students Enrollment