Thank You Teachers, for All You Do!

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    How does your favorite teacher help students rise?

  • Ms. Yemen Almatrahi 

    School: Bennett Elementary
    Grade: Kindergarten 
    Nominated by: Christian Rubalcava 

    She helps me learn and is so nice to me. 

    She is always happy and always loves to teach us!

    Mr. Cordell Gibson 

    School: Sampson Webber Leadership Academy 

    Subject: Math 
    Nominated by: Ashiria Robinson 

    Mr. Gibson is the best because he makes it easy to understand. He helps us rise by being on our side. 

    Diane Quattrociocchi

    School: Dossin Elementary-Middle School

    Grade: 1st Grade 
    Nominated by: Trevon Metcalf 

    She takes time out of her day to let me have lunch with her. She helps students rise by helping them with their work and making sure they strive to success.

    Ms. Cynthia Creagh

    School: Ann Arbor Trail Magnet School  

    Subject: ELA
    Nominated by: Rolanda Woods

    She has perfected her craft and it shows through her intentional teaching. In addition, she arrives early and stays late to assure she has her lessons prepared. She always encourages, guides, uplifts and motivates students to do their best.

    Mrs. Josie Silver 

    School: Palmer Park Preparatory Academy  

    Grade: 1st Grade 
    Nominated by: Ezra Mbah 

    Mrs. Silver is the best because she always has so many different learning opportunities, hands-on projects, and a "you can do this!" attitude. Mrs. Silver challenges students to reach higher, academically. She consistently offers feedback and support and exposes students to a broad world of learning.

    Ms. Sadye James  

    School: Southeastern High School 

    Subject: Civics 
    Nominated by: Xavier Thomas 

    My teacher is simply amazing! They are knowledgeable, kind, and truly dedicated to their students' success. They are always available to answer any questions we may have and provide helpful feedback on our work. I am constantly impressed by their ability to make even the most challenging subjects easy to understand. They have a passion for teaching that is contagious, and it inspires us to learn and grow in ways we never thought possible. Their lessons are engaging and interactive, making even the most mundane topics interesting. I can confidently say that my teacher is one of the most incredible educators I have ever had the pleasure of learning from.

  • Mrs. Regina Ross 

    School: Vernor Elementary
    Grade: Pre-Kindergarten 
    Nominated by: 

    She is a great teacher. Ms. Ross is kind to students and patient with them. She goes beyond the call of duty. She is a great person. 

    She helps the students rise by teaching them to write their names correctly, all of the alphabet, and how to count numbers. The children have all learned how to do addition problems and social skills.

    Mr. Robert Bliss  

    School: DPSCD Virtual School 

    Grade: 7th Grade 
    Nominated by: Aryelle Harris 

    Mr. Bliss is funny, he explains everything. The classwork and homework assignments clear. He lets us ask questions. We play Kahoot and that helps us understand. He gives us second chances.

    Cyntara Herndon 

    School: Davison Elementary-Middle School

    Grade: 8th Grade 
    Nominated by: Ishrat Iqbal

    She is the best teacher because she in considerate of her students, makes effort to know that they are cared for and is so good at teaching. If they are feeling down, she always checks up on them and always lets them know that they can have breaks from time to time. She's so amazing and sweet and helpful.

    Ms. Bridget McDevitt 

    School: Foreign Language Immersion and Cultural Studies 

    Subject: Math 
    Nominated by: Oscar McGuire 

    She's nice and kind and helps me with work. She's loving with every student and is no nonsense.

    Mrs. Georgette Brunson

    School: DPSCD Virtual School  

    Grade:  7th Grade 
    Nominated by: Ta'Myia Trice 

    She is the best because she makes sure we understand the work before continuing.

  • Mr. Robert Szukala  

    School: Western International High School 

    Grade: 12th Grade 
    Nominated by: Mercury Jones, Alejandro Romero  

    Mr. Szukala takes the time to explain and make sure everyone is on the same page. He is very fair and very cool. He makes it easy to understand what he teaches. He's the GOAT.

    Mrs. Anna-Lisa Moore

    School: Henry Ford High School 

    Subject: Business Management  
    Nominated by: Terrell Bethune 

    Mrs. Moore understands my problems and actually helps me out with my grades. She always encourages us.

    Mrs. Melanie Ward 

    School: DPSCD Virtual School 

    Subject: ELA
    Nominated by: Alayna Gross, Ta'Myia Trice

    She is the best teacher because she does her best to make sure the students get what they need and understand the work. She helps us by spending her extra time with us and spending her lunch with us.

    Mrs. Ward is the best teacher because she is fun and also teaches us work that we understand. She makes sure we understand and if we don't feel like doing work, she lets us play a game and then we will do our work.

    Ms. Alice Sarkar 

    School: A. L. Holmes Academy of Blended Learning 

    Grade: Pre-Kindergarten 
    Nominated by: Chiquita Lawler

    She takes the time to listen to students, teach students valuable lessons, and she cares about each student individually. She helps students inside and outside of the classroom with special attention in learning the basics for PreK and sends learning materials home with students often.

    Mr. Richard VanAcker 

    School: Davison Elementary-Middle School 

    Subject: Math, Science
    Nominated by: Mario Gonzalez Guzman

    He helps me and other kids out if we have trouble with the subject. He helps us do better at math and he helps when the problem is hard.