• The Facilities Department manages over 12 million square feet of enclosed building space in 105 schools, located in 103 owned facilities and seven administrative facilities including two bus terminals. Another eight facilities are leased and 29 school buildings are closed.  We are responsible for the construction, maintenance, and cleanliness of the District's facilities. 

    We are the largest school District in Michigan with an average age of DPS-owned facilities of more 60 years old.

    The objective of the Department is to provide safe and clean schools for our students and staff; high level customer service both internally and externally, and to promote operations that are economically efficient, effective and sustainable.

    Our Facilities Department is completely sourced between two facility management firms; GDI Integrated Facility Management and RNA Facilities Management. Each firm provides all staffing that supports the schools including Building Engineers, Custodial and Maintenance staff.

Contact Information

  • Mercedes Boulding
    Senior Director of Facilities, Maintenance and Engineering
    1601 Farnsworth
    Support Services Complex, Building C
    Detroit, MI 48211