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Celebrating Excellence and Community at Bethune

In the Puritan neighborhood, students are rising at Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary Middle School. With a rich history and a future bursting with potential, Bethune is a vibrant community hub that unites and guides students to success.

A Commitment to Holistic Education

Bethune's $14 million building renovations go beyond mere physical changes; they represent a renewed commitment to academic excellence and nurturing the whole child. At Bethune, students discover not just education but also inspiration within walls that echo the legacy of the school's namesake, Mary McLeod Bethune – an educator and civil rights champion devoted to empowering African American students.

From cutting-edge STEM labs to contemporary Pre-K classrooms and a diverse array of extracurricular activities, Bethune is focused on cultivating an environment that supports the holistic development of each student's mind, body, and spirit. Catering to students from Pre-K through eighth grade, Bethune lays a robust foundation for future success in high school, college, and beyond.

At Bethune, data underscores a clear link between consistent attendance and academic accomplishment. Students who show up every day are more likely to achieve higher grades, highlighting the importance of consistency in education. This correlation between attendance and achievement is not by chance; rather, it mirrors the hard work and dedication of staff, students and their families.

As an example, Marriah McBride, a fourth-grade student, has conquered attendance challenges, leading to notable improvements in her academic and social interactions.

The Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress (MSTEP has highlighted substantial progress in key subjects like English Language Arts (ELA), Mathematics, and Science. These strides directly resulted from students' dedication to learning, proving that when students are present, they can actively participate, learn, and thrive.

Quinn Brook, an eighth grade student, praised her math teacher for enriching her learning journey.

"I appreciate the diversity in my math class. Though it can be tough, I value my teacher's commitment to offering extra support to keep me on track with my assignments."

We invite families to join the Bethune community, where every student is valued, challenged, and supported. Enroll your child at Bethune and be a part of a thriving community that fosters academic achievement, personal growth, and collective success. Together, we can continue the legacy of excellence and empowerment that defines Bethune. Visit for more information.