Educator Excellence

  • The Office of Educator Excellence works with teachers, principals, and staff to bring the District’s Vision of Excellent Instruction to life each day for all DPSCD students and their families. Framed by Blueprint 2020, the Vision of Excellent Instruction lays out the elements of ambitious instruction that will prepare DPSCD students to be college- and career-ready, to find meaning and accomplishment in the academic work of school, to develop strong social identities and to be active participants in building a just and democratic society.

    Among all malleable factors in schooling, we know that the quality of teaching matters most.  The Office of Educator Excellence works to ensure that teachers have the supports and preparation they need to conduct outstanding instruction day in and day out. The Office of Educator Excellence provides service in four related areas that affect teacher quality:  the delivery of ongoing, content-rich professional development for teachers; the design of institutional structures that support academic and social learning; the provision of administrator training to support high-quality teaching at every school; and collaboration with teacher preparation programs.

    Curriculum Overview

    The Office of Educator Excellence offers a curriculum that is framed by research-based principles to offer rigorous, relevant, culturally responsive professional learning for Detroit educators. Our professional learning curriculum is based on expertise from nationally recognized professional organizations, Schools of Education from higher education institutions, the Michigan Department of Education, the Office of Educator Excellence as well as local knowledge to offer the best-in-class learning opportunities for educators in all roles in the District.  

    Professional development for teachers. To realize the ambitious Vision of Excellent Instruction, the Office of Educator Excellence nurtures professional growth through multiple forms of teacher learning.  We offer a rich array of professional development opportunities including on-site, in-person training, long-term courses, single-session workshops, online learning, university coursework, from one-on-one tutoring to large classes.  The Office of Educator Excellence also works with Wayne RESA to expand the professional learning opportunities available to DPSCD educators.

    Below are the kinds of Professional Development offerings the Office of Educator Excellence will offer:

    • Teaching to the New Standards
    • New Teacher Institute
    • New Teacher Series
    • Master Teacher Institute
    • Mentor Teacher Training
    • Implementing New Curriculum: Using Expeditionary Learning
    • Implementing New Curriculum: Using Eureka! Mathematics
    • Adopting New Curriculum Materials
    • Teacher-Driven Instructional Study Groups
    • Using Assessment Tools
    • Small-Group Instruction
    • Classroom Management
    • Organizing for Learning
    • Detroit Educators Read
    • Annual Conference: “The Detroit Child in Focus”
    • The Culturally Responsive Classroom

    Institutional structures designed to support academic and social learning. Through a number of initiatives, the Office of Educator Excellence works with multiple District partners to create such institutional structures: as career ladders for educators including a Master Teacher program; school schedules that afford teachers and students novel learning formats; and technology platforms that encourage investigation and collaboration.

     Administrator Training. The Office of Educator Excellence offers training and assistance for school leaders to build strong systems of teacher learning in their schools.

    Teacher Preparation Program Partnerships.  The Office of Educator Excellence works closely with teacher preparation programs in universities and other entities to build coherence and alignment between the District’s needs and the resources offered by our teacher preparation programs. The Partnership is characterized by regular meetings between program providers and the Office of Educator Excellence, jointly taught professional development series, guidance for teacher intern placement, and an articulated career pipeline.

    District Collaborators

    The Office of Educator Excellence works closely with the Professional Development Center and the Office of Human Resources, as well as all the Offices of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Computer Science, the Arts, Student Health, Physical Education, World Languages, Bilingual Education, and Education for Exceptional Students. The goal of these partnerships is to serve the whole child, by ensuring that every educator in the District has the resources, knowledge, skills, and dispositions to bring our Vision of Excellent Instruction to life.



  • Office of Educator Excellence

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    Monica McLeod, PhD
    Senior Director of Teacher Leadership