• Online Learning

    As we approach our first day of school on Tuesday, September 8th we are eager with anticipation to see all of our students!

    For students who are beginning the school year online, it will be different than “Distance Learning” in the Spring of 2020. 

    Key differences include:

    • Instruction will be live aligned to a daily time schedule
    • Grades will be given and count toward report cards
    • Attendance will be required
    • Assignments will be expected to be submitted
    • Teachers will use new online learning platforms

    The first week of school will be focused on relationships and community building and learning new online skills, rather than diving full force into the curriculum. Teachers will spend time getting to know their students, letting students get to know one another and learning the new technology together. Establishing classroom communities is essential while we journey into online learning. This will differ by grade band, as teachers will be building on students’ prior knowledge and setting developmentally appropriate expectations.

    Daily Schedules

    Families can access and print their student’s schedules and teacher assignments by logging into the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Please click here to access information about daily schedules. You can also click the "Daily Schedules" tab on the left side of the screen.

    First Day of School

    On Tuesday, September 8th, in alignment with the students daily schedule, students should join their Teacher and classmates LIVE on Microsoft TEAMS

    • Go to Clever: https://clever.com/in/dpscd.  Click "Log in with Active Directory"
    • Access TEAMs and join your teacher with your camera on!

    Academic Calendar

    Students online will follow the same District academic calendar and bell schedule as their enrolled school.  Because students are online, they should not expect disruptions, like for example, Snow Days.

    Devices for Online Learning

    K-12 students enrolled as of February 2020 can use their Connected Futures devices, which come with six months of mobile internet access.  The District will provide loaner devices at the start of the school year for students not eligible for Connected Futures.  This includes Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and newly enrolled students.  For more information visit: https://www.detroitk12.org/connectedfutures or call: 313-240-4377

    Materials Distribution

    Schools will provide physical materials including textbooks, novels, workbooks to online students during their first week of school.  Picking up materials will require wearing masks and social distancing. You will receive details from your child’s school regarding the schedule for pickup.  Only materials that are needed to support online platforms will be issued. Each quarter, any needed materials will be given to families based on their decision to do online or in-person instruction. Families will receive a letter that indicates which materials may be kept and which materials must be returned to the school. 

    Home Learning Environment

    While you prepare for the first day of school, it is important to establish a consistent learning space for your child. Whether you’re borrowing a device from the District, have a Connected Futures device, or have one of your own, it won’t be the only tool your child will need to complete their work. Having a dedicated space, if possible, with school supplies as well as a daily routine will help focus your child’s work on their learning.

    Schoology, TEAMS, and Online Learning Platforms

    Teachers will use new online learning platforms including our new learning management system, Schoology.  Just as teachers invest time at the start of the school year setting up their brick and mortar classrooms, online teachers have prepared online learning spaces in Schoology for their students.  Schoology will allow teachers to post announcements, maintain schedules, create assignments and bring TEAMS and other online platforms together for a single experience for students.  Schoology can also be accessed via Clever: https://clever.com/in/dpscd.

    Homework Hotline

    The Detroit Public Schools Community District Homework Hotline is a free resource available for all DPSCD students. Students and families can call in for help with Literacy and/or Math homework. The Homework Hotline will be offered during the academic year on Monday – Thursday, from 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Homework Hotline will not operate on days that schools are closed for holidays. Please visit our Homework Hotline webpage for additional information.

    Parent Supports

    The Parent Academy in collaboration with the Office of Curriculum & Instruction and Instructional Solutions will provide sessions to orient parent to online platforms.  The schedule will be posted https://www.detroitk12.org/Domain/4035. For recommendations on additional support for online learning please check out our Expectations & Support page by clicking here or choosing it from the list on the left-hand side of the screen.

    Parent & Student Supports for English Learners

    Please click here for information regarding Parent Academy sessions, instructional academic supports, translation and interpretation, and support with enrollment for our English Learners.

    We can’t wait to see our students on Tuesday, September 8th!